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Read the Docs newsletter - April 2021

This is the first of our monthly newsletters, in which we would like to openly share with you the most relevant updates of Read the Docs, offer a summary of what new features we shipped to our users during the previous month, and share what things we will be focusing on in the near future.

We have a new colleague! Juan Luis will be working with us as Developer Advocate, with a focus on fulfilling the goals of the CZI grant we were awarded, improve our public facing documentation, and spread the word about our service.

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Read the Docs 2020 Stats

2020 was a rough year for everyone, including our team. We managed to make it through, and continue to have 5 folks working full-time to make Read the Docs better for you.

We are going into 2021 with a new grant, which will require us to do some hiring. We also launched our EthicalAds network, which is bringing our approach to sustainability to the tech community as a whole.

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API v3 is now stable

We are excited to announce that our API v3 has reached a stable release, and is now available for all Read the Docs users. Since we announced the API v3 beta, we have been adding extra functionality and bug-fixing minor issues based on user feedback.

The new API v3 is not a fully replacement (yet!) of API v2, but we highly recommend using API v3 for all the new integrations. API v2 will be deprecated soon, though we don’t have a firm timeline for deprecation. We will alert users with our plans when we do.

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Read the Docs Community downtime due to migrations to AWS

Update: The migration was successful and the site has been fully restored as of 4PM PST.

We wanted to make you aware that on Friday, February 12th at 1pm PST (4pm EST, 21:00 UTC), Read the Docs Community ( will be having a scheduled dashboard downtime of approximately 4 hours.

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Pull Request Builders available for all users

We’re excited to announce that Pull Request building is now available for all Read the Docs users. We have been working on this feature for over a year, and having it available for all our users is a major milestone.

This feature allows users to confirm documentation builds correctly for all of their commits, not just ones merged into branches that are activated on Read the Docs. This moves documentation into your continuous integration pipeline, and improves the workflow for everyone working on documentation.

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Read the Docs for Business Maintenance Window - February 5

Update: This maintenance window has concluded at 5:40 PM PST.

We wanted to make you aware that on Friday, February 5 at 5:00pm PST (8:00pm EST, Saturday 01:00 UTC), Read the Docs for Business ( will be having a scheduled downtime of approximately 2 hours.

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Read the Docs is hiring for multiple positions

Read the Docs received a grant to support scientific software at the beginning of this year. As part of this, we are hiring for two new positions related to the grant work:

A frontend developer with design skills

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