Introducing support for version-only projects

URLs are an important part of your documentation. Users can infer from the URL if your documentation has or supports multiple versions or translations.

Until now, Read the Docs allowed you to configure your project in two ways:

Multiple versions with translations

Resulting in URLs like:

  • /en/latest/index.html

  • /es/latest/index.html

  • /en/1.0/index.html

Single version without translations

Resulting in URLs like:

  • /index.html

  • /api/v3.html

While not all projects have or require translations, many benefit from having multiple versions. This meant that projects without translations but with need for multiple versions, had to opt into supporting translations in order to have multiple versions.

We’re excited to announce that we now support projects with multiple versions without translations. Resulting in URLs like:

  • /latest/index.html

  • /1.0/index.html

Now instead of having a Single version checkbox in the Admin page of your project, you’ll see a Versioning scheme dropdown with three options available.

Changes in the API

In order to support this new feature, we have made some changes to the API. Specifically, the single_version field has been deprecated in favor of the versioning_scheme field.

When updating a project, you should use the versioning_scheme field instead of the single_version field. To avoid breaking existing integrations, the single_version field will still be returned in the API, but you should use the versioning_scheme field instead.