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  • 13 September - Knowing more about how people use our service

    Read the Docs generates a lot of data. We are the largest documentation platform out there, with hundreds of thousands of projects using our product every day to host their documentation. This data includes simple things like number of users, builds using a particular Docker image, as well as more interesting ones like pageviews or Python dependencies installed via a requirements.txt file. We didn’t collect this data in a systemic way during the first 10 years of our existence.

    Last year, with the growth of our product and the team, plus the CZI grant we received, we started asking ourselves some questions that we couldn’t answer with the data we had. We decided to start working on a project to collect relevant data to answer a large number of questions about how people use our service.

  • 12 September - Read the Docs newsletter - September 2022

    Our focus for August has continued to be around marketing and community outreach. We continue to better understand how our customers view our product, and work with them to use it well.

    We’re working to establish our goals for Q4 2022, and it looks like continued focus on polishing core platform features. We have a lot of features, and we need to continue making them easier to use.

  • 17 August - Read the Docs newsletter - August 2022

    We continue to be excited about the expanded capacity we have with an additional team member. Our focus for July has been around a lot of marketing and positioning, trying to better understand how our customers view our product, and work with them to use it well.

    We also had our 12th birthday just before publishing this newsletter. 🎉

  • 12 July - Read the Docs newsletter - July 2022

    Summer has come, which means our overall development has slowed a bit as the team takes some well-deserved vacation time. That said, we’re still excited about our recent hire and the ongoing work we’ve been doing to support the documentation ecosystem.

    Our focus for Q3 (July-Sept) of 2022 is around improving our frontend and marketing pages. This includes a fancy new marketing website, as well as a revamped dashboard UX that will make many features nicer for our users.

  • 08 June - Read the Docs newsletter - June 2022

    We’re excited to welcome Benjamin Balder Bach to our team, joining as a part-time contractor for now. He’s a developer with a history of working as an Open Source maintainer and event organizer in the Django community. He has also previously contributed to Read the Docs and will be a wonderful addition to the team.

    We’re also excited to see people using our new feature that we previously announced. There are a lot of interesting ways to adapt the build process with this, and we’ll continue to watch with interest how people are using it!

  • 09 May - Announcing user-defined build jobs

    We are happy to announce a new feature to specify user-defined build jobs on Read the Docs. If your project requires custom commands to be run in the middle of the build process, they can now be executed with the new config key This opens up a complete world full of new and exciting possibilities to our users.

    If your project has ever required a custom command to run during the build process, you probably wished you could easily specify this. You might have used a hacky solution inside your Sphinx’s file, but this was not a great solution to this problem.

  • 05 May - Read the Docs newsletter - May 2022

    April has been another exciting month here at Read the Docs. We’ve gotten a few good candidates for our Product-focused Application Developer job posting, and we’re on to the second round of interviews. Expect to hear more about any new team members here in the next couple months.

    We’ve continued building a number of features and bug fixes in our roadmap:

  • 07 April - Read the Docs newsletter - April 2022

    March has been a productive month for Read the Docs. We have finished our Product-focused Application Developer job posting, which we’re excited about. We plan to share this on a few job boards, and are looking for someone to join the team who is excited to work on our product.

    We’ve continued building a number of features and bug fixes in our March roadmap:

  • 21 March - Read the Docs 2021 Stats

    2021 continued in the realm of being a tough year. That said, Read the Docs had a lot of good things happen this year.

    We did a majority of the work on our CZI grant, grew our team from 5 to 8, and continued to grow our EthicalAds network & Read the Docs for Business. It’s been another year of steady growth, and we hope to continue that into 2022.

  • 10 March - Read the Docs newsletter - March 2022

    It’s been pretty quiet on the company front in February, with nothing much to report. We’re actively working on our latest job description, which will be a product-focused Python development position. If you’re interested, please let us know.

    In February we continued to work on refactors and internal changes. Among the major user-facing changes: