Read the Docs newsletter - November 2023

News and updates

  • Work continues on hardening Addons, our new in-documentation JavaScript client that supports all documentation tools. We’re looking for people in the community to test out this new functionality, and will be expanding access in the near future.

  • Python 3.12 is now supported on builds, and is the default version used when you specify 3 in your configuration file.

  • Language codes are now normalized in URLs:

  • Our search infrastructure was upgraded to Elastic Search 8, which should provide faster and better search results.

  • We submitted a fix to the API Key library we use to make API calls to our servers much faster, which should result in faster build times for all users.

Upcoming changes

  • We are working to expand the functionality of our redirects feature to support more use cases. More will be announced here in the coming month.

  • We are planning an upgrade to our dashboard notification system, so that users have more control and better context for on-site notifications.

  • Our beta dashboard continues to be tested in public beta, and new functionality for Addons configuration will only be available in that new interface.

Want to follow along with our development progress? View our full roadmap 📍️

Possible issues

We don’t have any possible issues to report this month.

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