Read the Docs newsletter - August 2021

Welcome to the latest edition of our monthly newsletter, where we share the most relevant updates around Read the Docs, offer a summary of new features we shipped during the previous month, and share what we’ll be focusing on in the near future.

Company highlights

New features

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You can always see the latest changes to our platforms in our Read the Docs Changelog.

Upcoming features

  • Ana, our new hire, will spend some time getting familiarized with our development practices and tools, and perform some quality assurance on the upcoming new version of our Sphinx theme along with Anthony.

  • Anthony will work on onboarding Ana, release a first release candidate of version 1.0 of our Sphinx theme, and some finance work.

  • Eric will continue overseeing the implementation of the next stages of our audit tracking along with Santos, doing code review, and improving our sales & marketing processes.

  • Juan Luis will expand the Sphinx tutorial while doing basic bug triaging for the project, and start with a much needed tutorial for Read the Docs itself.

  • Manuel will keep working on our Embed API version 3, push the final tweaks needed to support Python 3.10 along with Santos, and continue improving our deployment processes.

  • Santos will continue with the implementation of our audit tracking, inform our users about the upcoming changes in privacy levels on our community site, and wrap up the work around sharing specific versions of commercial projects.

Possible issues

Projects that were using Git LFS on our site noticed that it stopped working at the end of June. Even though it is not officially supported from our side, we wanted to make it work again, but it took several days to understand what was happening.

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