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Sphinx 4.4 release and other ecosystem news

In this post we spread the word about the most relevant news of the Sphinx ecosystem of the past weeks, including Sphinx itself as well as extensions and themes developed by the community.

Sphinx 4.4 was released on January 17th with numerous changes, including:

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Theme release 1.0.0rc1

The 1.0.0 version of sphinx_rtd_theme was released Sept 13, 2021. You can install the latest version with:

Alternatively, you can upgrade the version installed using:

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Release for May 12, 2017

Yesterday, we rolled out improved webhook management for projects, and several bug fixes around our upgrade to Sphinx 1.5.

We’ve been slowly making upgrades to our webhook management page. Projects that set up new webhooks will see a list of webhooks that we have configured, including HTTP exchanges that we encounter from each remote webhook.

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