Theme release 1.0.0rc1

Update: Version 1.0.0 has been released!

The 1.0.0 version of sphinx_rtd_theme was released Sept 13, 2021. You can install the latest version with:

$ pip install "sphinx-rtd-theme~=1.0.0"

Alternatively, you can upgrade the version installed using:

$ pip install --upgrade sphinx-rtd-theme

We are closing in on the next official release of sphinx_rtd_theme, and we’re happy to announce that release candidate version 1.0.0rc1 was released to PyPI last week! Project maintainers can contribute to the final release by testing the release candidate and raising any potential bugs on our issue tracker.

Version 1.0.0 adds support for Sphinx 4, fixes several issues stemming from docutils 0.17, and contains several backwards-incompatible changes.

Backwards incompatible changes

Users need to be aware of several backwards incompatible changes before upgrading:

Support dropped for old dependencies

Support is removed for Sphinx versions 1.6 or older, and for Python versions 3.0 to 3.3. Theme developers no longer test using these versions and compatibility is not guaranteed for these versions.

HTML4 support will be removed

Support for the Sphinx HTML4 writer will be deprecated in release 2.0. A deprecation warning was added to alert users still using the HTML4 writer.

Installation from source will be deprecated soon

Tentatively scheduled for release 3.0, installation from source will no longer be a supported installation method. Currently, users are installing directly from our GitHub repository, which complicates development of static assets. A deprecation warning was added to alert users of the upcoming change.


Here are some of the most significant additions included in release 1.0.0:

Support for new dependencies

The theme now supports Sphinx 4 and docutils 0.17, both the latest in each respective release series.

New accessibility features

Also added were a number of accessibility updates, including better keyboard navigation support and more descriptive navigation for screen readers.

Added 4 new translations

The theme is close to being almost fully translated in 14 different languages. This will provide project maintainers with localized navigation elements and accessibility content.

The theme roadmap has more information on upcoming releases, and backwards incompatible changes for each. A full list of changes included in this release is available in the theme changelog.


The 1.0.0rc1 release is a pre-release package, meaning it will not install by default as the most recent release. Project maintainers will need to specify the release version explicitly to install the release candidate.

In your package’s extra_requirements, or a separate requirements.txt file, you can pin this dependency with:


If you notice any new, unwanted behavior, feel free to open an issue on our issue tracker.

Upcoming changes

We have several upcoming releases planned, covered in more depth in the theme roadmap.

Our next official release, currently targeted for October or November, will be version 1.1. This release will contain additional bug fixes and will be the last release supporting Sphinx versions less than 3.0. The next planed release will be version 2.0, in early 2022.

The 2.0 release will be dropping support for a number of old dependencies, including Sphinx versions < 3.0, Sphinx HTML4 writer support, and Internet Explorer 11.

As the theme moves away from supporting direct installation through our GitHub repository, we want to preserve development previews of theme releases. In addition to several more focused releases on the theme roadmap, we will also be periodically publishing development releases to PyPI. This will be the prescribed method to use unreleased theme changes.


Special thanks to contributor Blendify for keeping up with support for fresh dependencies, and new contributor nienn for helping with bug fixes and the heavy amount of testing required for this release!