API v3 is now stable

We are excited to announce that our API v3 has reached a stable release, and is now available for all Read the Docs users. Since we announced the API v3 beta, we have been adding extra functionality and bug-fixing minor issues based on user feedback.

The new API v3 is not a fully replacement (yet!) of API v2, but we highly recommend using API v3 for all the new integrations. API v2 will be deprecated soon, though we don’t have a firm timeline for deprecation. We will alert users with our plans when we do.

New features

We’re excited about the following actions that API v3 makes possible:

  • Import new projects

  • Activate a version

  • Trigger builds

  • Check build status

  • Manage redirects

API v3 allows you to easily manage common tasks on your Read the Docs project and organization. These include:

  • Setting up documentation for a new project

  • Automating the release of a new version

  • Pausing a release if you detect a failed build

  • Automatically create redirects for changes files

If you want to know more about it, please check out the full APIv3 documentation.

Help us make it better

We always love to hear from users about how they are using the API. We want to help you manage your documentation in the easiest and most efficient way possible. Please, feel free to open an issue in our issue tracker if there is a use case we are not covering.