Announcing API v3 Beta

In the last months, we have been working on making our API better. Considering the limitations of our current REST API v2, we decided to make a bigger step forward and create a new API v3, putting the focus on the use cases we heard about from existing users.

Compared to API v2, our new API v3 has some big differences that make it more user-friendly and useful.

These differences includes:

  • API access requires authentication

  • Token based API authentication

  • Read and write

  • Resource lookup can use project’s slug

  • Wider resource coverage

Some examples of new queries and actions that will be possible with the API are:

If you want to know more about it, please check out the full APIv3 documentation.

Invite-only beta feature

APIv3 is currently in an invite-only beta state on our community site, In case you want to test it and give us feedback on it, please email us to get early access.

Based on the feedback we receive from you, we plan to add more features to cover most of the common use cases. Please, help us with your feedback to make the new APIv3 even better!