Incoming Webhook Deprecations

In the coming weeks and months, Read the Docs will be moving some projects away from our legacy incoming webhooks, towards our per-project webhook integrations.

Our legacy incoming webhooks were our first attempt at allowing providers like GitHub to automatically trigger builds on for projects on Read the Docs. These webhooks lacked a number of security features, and so, about two years ago, we replaced these with per-project webhook integrations instead. We added a number of features to per-project webhook integrations at the time, and we stopped new projects from using the old incoming webhooks.

It’s possible that your project is still using these deprecated incoming webhooks if your project was configured on Read the Docs more than two years ago. If your project does not have an webhook integrations under the Integrations section of your project’s admin dashboard, you might be using these legacy incoming webhooks.

In order to continue building automatically, projects should reconfigure their repository to use a new project webhook integration instead. For more information, see our docs on How to setup build status webhooks.

There are two important dates to note here:

January 31st, 2019

This is the date that GitHub will stop sending notifications through their GitHub Services. Your project might be relying on GitHub Services if your GitHub repository is using the ReadTheDocs GitHub Service and does not have another webhook to Read the Docs configured.

April 1st, 2019

After this date, Read the Docs will stop accepting incoming webhook notifications for the remaining legacy incoming webhooks. You might be using one of these incoming webhooks if your repository has a webhook pointing to any of the following URLs:

We will be sending periodic notifications over the next few weeks to the owners of any projects that are still configured to use these deprecated incoming webhooks.