Social Version Control Log in

Today we are announcing the ability to log in or sign up to Read the Docs with your favorite version control hosting services like GitHub, BitBucket, or GitLab. This was one of our most requested features and it has been something we’ve been meaning to launch for a long time.

For new Read the Docs users

For new users, the sign up process is significantly streamlined. There’s no new password to remember and when you’re ready to start building your docs, Read the Docs will be ready with a list of your repositories to get started.

Click the “Sign Up” button on the Read the Docs home page and then click the button for your favorite version control hosting service.

For existing Read the Docs users

If you’ve already connected your GitHub, BitBucket or GitLab account, you can use it to log in with Read the Docs instead of your password. If you haven’t connected your account previously, you will have to log in normally and connect your account to use it to log in.

You can always see and manage which accounts you have connected in your profile (log in required).

As always, if you notice anything strange with your build, feel free to raise an issue on our issue tracker.