Python 3.6 Support

A long time back, we wrote about started testing a new build image that uses pyenv to support multiple versions of Python. Until recently, we were selectively opting projects in to help test the new image, but at the beginning of the year, we added a configuration option to allow projects to opt in to using the new image before we make it the default build image.

In the near future, this build image will be the default build image, but for now, you can manually opt your project in using our YAML configuration file.

What you need

In order to use Python 3.6, you need to select our latest build image, and you need to select to use Python 3.6. The build image is controlled with the build.image (deprecated) setting in the YAML config, and you can set the Python version with the python.version setting.

Your project’s readthedocs.yml file should contain:

    image: latest

    version: 3.6

If you run in to any problems building, you might also need to wipe your version for now. We plan to have some of the issues switching Python versions and build images resolved before making a move to a new build image.

As always, if you notice anything strange with your build, feel free to raise an issue on our issue tracker.