Read the Docs newsletter - May 2023¶

News and updates¶

  • 🚁️ The proxy application El Proxito has been rewritten. El Proxito resolves URLs for all documentation websites hosted on Read the Docs. The new rewrite improves the performance of the resolver and makes it possible to add planned features.

  • 🔎️ …One of the new features available in the new El Proxito implementation, is an improved 404 page (see the screenshot below). The new 404 page is contextualized and contains better error messages and tips for users and project owners. We are gradually rolling out the new El Proxito while monitoring its stability, and users will experience new features only on projects where it has been enabled.

  • 💫️ We now support multiple .readthedocs.yaml files in the same repository. This is especially useful for monorepos containing multiple documentation projects with different configurations. This allows for instance configurations of several projects with different documentation tools and build environments. Read more about the feature in our docs.

  • ⚙️ If you use build.commands in .readthedocs.yaml, you are no longer required to have a section. We changed the validation for .readthedocs.yaml to accommodate projects that do not need built-in tools.

  • 🐛️ Fixed: Pull request builds had commit statuses with URLs pointing to the build page, rather than the documentation preview. The URL now points to the documentation preview when a build is successful.

  • 🐛️ Fixed: An issue in our legacy build images caused builds using Sphinx to start failing on May 4th when urllib3 2.0.2 was released. The issue has been fixed by upgrading OpenSSL on these images.

    We still encourage to specify a newer build image, an example is given in this comment.

  • 🔒️ Vulnerability fixed: CAS session hijacking on Read the Docs for Business

A screenshot of the old and new versions of our 404 pages.

Left: the classic old 404 page with the ascii art maze - right: new contextualized 404 pages. The new default 404 pages are aimed at being more helpful to users and project owners and uses context to specify what was not found, such as a file path, a version, a translation or the project slug.¶

Upcoming features¶

  • 🚁️ As mentioned earlier, we have rewritten our proxy application El Proxito and will start to add new features. One of the features being worked on is the ability to serve subprojects at custom URL paths.

Want to follow along with our development progress? View our full Roadmap 📍️

Possible issues¶

We have updated our legacy build images with a newer version of OpenSSL. If this update affects your builds, please reach out.

These changes only affects projects that do not specify build.os. We will announce plans to sunset the legacy build images soon.

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