Read the Docs newsletter - June 2023

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Possible issues

  • ⚠️ Please make sure to read the blog post: Migrate your project to .readthedocs.yaml configuration file v2.

    If you didn’t have a .readthedocs.yaml configuration file, and you are introducing one for the first time, we’re excited for you to be able to use all our new features like specifying build tool versions (Node, Rust, etc.)!

    The blog post offers help with that 💡️

Awesome project of the month

The most recent addition to Awesome Read the Docs Projects 🕶️ is Ray’s documentation 🕶️.

Ray is an open source project, consisting of several components that all have their own section in a combined documentation set.

See the highlights in the following Twitter thread or Mastodon thread:

A screenshot of a sample .readthedocs.yaml file

It was always better to use a .readthedocs.yaml file. It gives so many more options and makes it possible to version your configuration in your Git repository ⚡️

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