Read the Docs newsletter - December 2022

This newsletter contains the first features and updates that have hatched since we announced a Q4 focus on core platform features in the previous newsletter.

News and updates

Here are the latest updates from our team:

You can always see the latest changes to our platforms in our Read the Docs Changelog.

Upcoming features

  • We’re working on improving our integration with Material for MkDocs, which is a great theme for MkDocs documentation projects.

  • Many improvements to our URL handling code, which will allow us to support more flexible URL configurations for projects.

  • A search redesign to make it nicer across our dashboard and in-doc search experiences.

  • 404 pages are being improved by contextualization the user message, giving relevant guidance to readers and project owners.

Possible issues

Sphinx 6 is coming very soon. For those of you planning to upgrade immediately, we are preparing a blog post with a couple of considerations in that regard.

If you find regressions in any new releases of the sphinx-rtd-theme, please don’t hesitate to open an issue on GitHub.

Our Q4 focus also includes deprecating old and outdated approaches to using our platform. We don’t have anything firm to announce here yet, but we do plan to be more active in removing these features in the coming months.

Tip of the month

Do you need to document past or upcoming events? Chris Sewell has created sphinx-timeline for exactly this.

See sphinx-timeline in full action on the main page of AiiDA (which by the way is built with Read the Docs).

A screenshot from AiiDA's website with the timeline in action.

Awesome Project of the month

Nautobot is a great example of a documentation landing page with several subprojects. See all the highlights in the following Twitter thread:

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