Read the Docs newsletter - August 2022

We continue to be excited about the expanded capacity we have with an additional team member. Our focus for July has been around a lot of marketing and positioning, trying to better understand how our customers view our product, and work with them to use it well.

We also had our 12th birthday just before publishing this newsletter. 🎉

New features

We’ve continued building a number of features and bug fixes in our roadmap:

  • We have more Example projects, which allow users to get started quickly with our products. We shipped an example for Jupyter Book this month, which is of growing interest to scientific and academic projects.

  • Scientific users are important for us, so we’ve put together a landing page that highlights the benefits that our scientific users are seeing.

  • We created a GitHub action that allows users to have a link to the Pull Request preview automatically added to the PR description. If users find this useful, we will continue to expand this functionality, and perhaps add it to our core platform so no configuration is needed.

  • We improved the convenience and security of our platform by making sure all invites for a team or project are seen and approved by the invited user.

You can always see the latest changes to our platforms in our Read the Docs Changelog.

Awesome documentation projects

We are collecting entries for Awesome Read the Docs Projects - please do tell us about your favorites, either by sending an email or opening a Pull Request!

  • Weblate - Weblate is a translation platform with a large documentation project with many translations and customized Read the Docs theme. Documentation aimed at all segments: users, administrators and developers. Also features an extensive Changelog.

  • TomoBank - a big list of tomographic datasets and phantoms, featuring especially tables and images and maintained by science community.

  • Uberspace - Customized sidebar and footer, adding project’s branding through custom CSS and HTML to sphinx_rtd_theme. Latest version and release date on front page.

Upcoming features

  • We are working on some improvements to our URL handling code, which will allow us to support more flexible URL configurations for projects.

  • As mentioned before, we are shifting some of our focus to frontend & marketing these next few months. We’re getting close to shipping our new landing page, which we’re excited about.

  • We’re continuing to focus on outreach for our new build customization features, so that we can continue to improve them with your feedback.

  • Our main theme sphinx_rtd_theme will soon be revived after a period of inactivity and we will do a number of smaller releases in Q3 and Q4.

Possible issues

We have unpinned Pillow for some Python versions. This could break some builds, but we haven’t receive any complaints yet.

We continue to actively deprecate jQuery from our code, as well as guide the Sphinx ecosystem through the transition.

Considering using Read the Docs for your next documentation project? Check out our documentation to get started!

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