Tips to Hire Developers with Read the Docs

Read the Docs is probably not the first place you think of if you are recruiting. However, over 7 million unique developers use Read the Docs each month from all over the world. We didn’t set out to build a better job board, but after a number of advertisers used our ethical ads for recruiting, we discovered that Read the Docs was a great place to find developer talent.

Hiring with Read the Docs works

Developers are not always actively job seeking by browsing job boards or company careers pages. However, they are on Read the Docs reading about the libraries and frameworks they use. Even when people aren’t actively looking for a new job, many are open to exploring new opportunities.

On Read the Docs, we found that developers engage with hiring ads at a higher rate than any other kind of advertising. With hiring ads, developers get ads that are relevant and interesting and companies reach the folks actively using the tech they are recruiting for.

Click-through rate by ad type Q3 2018

Be specific and find the right developers

If you are looking for Python developers, you can configure your hiring ad to only show on Python related documentation. You can further refine your audience to Read the Docs visitors in specific regions. Whether you are looking for a remote Python data scientist or a blockchain developer in Switzerland, be as specific as possible. This ensures you don’t get unqualified candidates as well as making sure you catch the eyes of the people you are interested in.

Set the right expectations

In any type of advertising, setting appropriate expectations can make the difference between a lackluster and successful campaign. In hiring, it is even more critical. This means making sure that your hiring ad for a front-end JavaScript developer links directly to your JavaScript developer job listing page where people can click “apply”. Don’t link to a listing of all of your open positions unless your hiring ad sets that expectation. Nothing is worse for the developer than clicking on a hiring ad and not knowing what to do next.

Likewise, some things can set the wrong kind of expectation. Most developers have seen enough hiring posts for “rockstars” and “ninjas” to know what to expect. Be honest and upfront and you will attract the right folks.

Stand out

Developers get contacted all the time by recruiters and it can be difficult to show prospective employees why they should check out your company. People look for all sorts of different things when seeking a new job from working with a high-caliber team to working for a company whose goals they agree with. You should highlight your best selling points right on your hiring ad as early as possible. If your company affords a fantastic work/life balance, mention that. A company in a great location, with a beautiful office, and top of the line hardware should definitely feature that. Focusing on your best attributes shows you care about your developers and helps you appeal to people who care about your products and mission.

Are you hiring?

Find qualified candidates already using your tech by promoting your job openings with Read the Docs.