Planned Move to Azure

We wanted to make you aware that on Saturday August 18 at 10:00am PDT (1:00pm EDT, 17:00 UTC), Read the Docs will be having a scheduled downtime of approximately 4 hours.

To ensure the stability and performance of our system, we are performing this upgrade during the weekend which is our period of lowest usage.

During this maintenance window, documentation will still be serving but new documentation builds will not trigger and the Read the Docs dashboard will not be available. New builds and webhooks will begin processing once the maintenance is over.

We are moving our service to our new home on Microsoft Azure who have generously provided us with credits to support open source software. Some of the features we are most excited to take advantage of with this move are managed services for Postgres and Redis as well as improvements to file storage. This should simplify our operations considerably.

We’d like to thank Rackspace for sponsoring our hosting for over 4 years. They were a large supporter of open source, and Read the Docs wouldn’t be what it is today without them.

Thanks to everyone for your support and understanding!