Automation Rules

A time ago we introduced a new feature to help users to automate some tasks on Read the Docs. Automation rules.

If you manage a project with several versions, you may have noticed that Read the Docs doesn’t always activate your new versions [1]. If you require to do any action over a new version, you’ll need to log in your Read the Docs account and manually do so.

With automation rules, you can choose what do to after a new version is created. To add a rule, you only need to choose a pattern and an action. After that, every new tag or branch that matches the pattern will trigger the action.


Currently, we only have two actions available:

  • Activate version
  • Set version as default

For the pattern, you can select:

  • All versions
  • The ones that match SemVer
  • Or you can write your own using a regular expression

With automation rules you can do things like:

  • Activate new tags only
  • Activate only branches that start with v
  • Activate tags and branches that belong to the 1.x release
  • Set as default tags that have the -stable or -release suffix
  • Activate all tags except those containing the --nightly suffix

Find more information and examples in our documentation.

What other tasks you would like to automate? Let us know on a GitHub issue!

[1]We activate and build new versions automatically only if you follow PEP 440, and the new version is greater than the current stable version.