Running ads with Sentry

We’re excited to announce our first partner in our Ethical Advertising campaign: Sentry.

Sentry was a natural first partner, both because they have a long history supporting and contributing to the open source community, and because they also strive to support open source while building a sustainable business around their project.

Sentry has built a sustainable business built around a 100% open source project, with all components of their stack available under a developer (and company) friendly license. The company also continue to support the community beyond its own contributions. It’s backed projects like Django, the Django REST framework, Vue.js, and Webpack, as well as providing Sentry free for all open source projects.

We are excited to be working with companies that see the value in open source and treating our users with respect. Making a commitment to do advertising in an ethical manner allows us to feel good about serving ads, and allows users to know their privacy isn’t being violated.

Sentry is a product that allows developers to capture and debug their production errors. It allows you to proactively respond to issues on your site, keeping both your users and your ops team happy. We’ve been using Sentry on our projects here at Read the Docs for a while now, and it’s a great way to handle errors in our production Django environment. We wholeheartedly recommend their product, and thank them for their sponsorship.